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Installing ProPhoto

Customizing Layout

Design Specifics

Learn HOW ProPhoto and
Wordpress work together

Step One

The ProPhoto theme allows you to customize your design in a visual builder making updating your template even easier! We still recommend going through the general P7 instructions and viewing the design specific instructions to get you started. Watch the video below to get a good grasp on how ProPhoto and Wordpress work hand in hand.

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getting started with ProPhoto 7

installing prophoto

There is no need to reinvent the wheel here, ProPhoto covers in great detail on how to install your theme and get you right on track!

ProPhoto install & Setup tuturIal

documents + Support

installing your design


After downloading your design file, go ahead and uncompress your file and store your zip file somewhere easily accessible, you will need this in case you need your installation instructions or Photoshop files for future reference.  

You will see 3 files, a basic instructions file, your “design_yourdesignname”, a Northfolk READ ME file with all important links, and as well as a “resources” containing customizable layered Photoshop files and a XML file for your demo content pages if applicable.

Before you are able to upload your design, you must already have purchased separately and installed ProPhoto 7 

ProPhoto > Manage Designs > Upload Design Zip

Install Zip File

Go to the MANAGE DESIGNS screen and drag and drop the P7 design file into ProPhoto

Once installed, your design will show up in the designs section below. To get started, simply click the “create new design” button below the one you uploaded.

design setup

After you have clicked "CREATE NEW DESIGN" it will begin to download all of the template files and ask you what you would like to title your new design. Once it is done loading, select the blue CUSTOMIZE to make it active in the back end.

Click customize to make your new design active in the back end while your current site is still live.

If everything has loaded properly, you can now click Customize in the WP sidebar under ProPhoto to be taken to the Base Layout to start editing in the Visual Builder.

During installation you will have the option to have the designs page imported and connected right away.

Customizing your Layout

Visual Builder

In ProPhoto 7, you will design and customize you website using the all-new Visual Builder tool. The Visual Builder allows you to make changes directly to your site, right on the front-end. So no guessing which settings area to visit to make a change! 🙂 You can view any post or page within your site inside the Visual Builder, and edit it’s layout.

View the ProPhoto visual builder walkthrough:


View the ProPhoto in depth tutorials on EVERYTHING modules to learn about how your designs are built and how to edit your designs modules. (AKA Widgets for folks who are familiar with ProPhoto 6 and WordPress)

ProPhoto Modules tuturIal

Content Style

Each website page and blog post that you create in WordPress can contain text, images, etc.
(to remove the title or content area of specific pages, see our guide Hide title or content area of a post/page )

ProPhoto controls make it easy to select the style that should be applied to your WordPress content, including:

font styles used for paragraphs
spacing added between paragraphs
font styles used for headings (H1, H2, H3, etc.)
spacing above & below images
…and lots more.

content header and date settings

content footer settings

Image appearence 

content text style

Background color and images for posts and pages

hide title or content area of a post/page

View the ProPhoto documentation for each specific topic here:

excerpts on posts pages

Photo Galleries

View the ProPhoto in depth tutorials on photo galleries, how to create new ones, how to insert galleries as modules as well as Gallery Styles

ProPhoto GALLERIES tuturIal

Design Specifics

About Your Design




fonts used

Hex Colors Used

Here is the information you need pertaining to your design, fonts used as well as HEX colors if you would like to carry out branding elsewhere.



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