Design Specific Instructions

Set up your galleries, if there is an included gallery style template you will set it here as well.



fonts used



  **all fonts are pre-loaded into your design 

Hex Colors Used

Shopify integration

Step 1

You will first need to install the Shopify Buy Button in the settings.
Here is how to set that up:

Step 2

Create a product and click Manage in the Sales Channels area in the upper right.
Make sure the Buy Button is checkmarked

Step 3

Select 'MORE ACTIONS' in the listing top menu and in the dropdown click
Embed on a website

Step 4

Once the dialog box pops up you can copy the embed code or select
'Preview and customize' to change the look of your button

Step 5

Go to your page template you are placing the Buy Now button on and open up the "EMBED SHOPIFY BUY BUTTON" widget. Replace the demo code with your own and click Save Widget.

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