Getting Started
0:28 - Creating your account 
0:47 - Accessing the Showit builder in Chrome, choosing a design from our free or premium collection

Showit Overview
1:59 - Site Panel (left sidebar) Properties Panel (right sidebar) & bottom Toolbar
2:29 - Pages, canvasses, elements on the canvas, basics of how to edit content, options menu (...) 

4:02 - Adding canvases from other designs & reordering canvasses 
5:09 - Options menu for canvasses - hiding an entire canvas from desktop or mobile design 
5:50 - Canvas Views 

Customizing Content
7:26 - Swapping your custom content into the design: images, toggle switches, editing existing text
9:31 - Adding new text, styling text, 
10:11 - Alignment tools 

Global Settings & Images
10:32 - Site Panel - Site settings & Google Analytics 
11:15 - Global design settings - smart swatches, type styles, and fonts 
12:50 - Media library - (pro tip: upload images that are 3500px wide)
14:02 - Pages section in site panel, selecting your homepage, adding pages 

14:57 - Blog Templates 
16:06 - Page Panel
Showit Settings
16:22 - Account options - manage subscription, manage domains, moving between sites, adding a new site, duplicating & deleting site designs in your account, +Sites (unique subdomain sites), user profile settings
18:38 - Options in bottom tool bar - views in Showit (mobile, desktop, and side by side). Zoom 
controls, undo and redo, help icons in the bottom right corner.
20:09 - Closer look at the Properties panel

Contact Forms
20:58 - Native Showit contact forms 
22:41 - Embedding a 3rd party contact form 

Social Media
23:16 - Site canvasses and linking social icons



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A-z launching with showit

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